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Since the world started coming out of the pandemic, loft conversions have been incredibly popular, as homeowners choose to invest in their properties after being at home so much throughout the global event. They are so popular there are even waiting lists in some areas for conversions and the materials needed to do them. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a loft construction, it’s always worth prioritising it when it comes to decor and design. It’s an asset, so it makes sense to make the most of it.

The thing is, there’s so much potential within that space it can be tricky to know which direction to go in when it comes to making it as functional and beautiful as possible.

 Luckily, we’ve got some fantastic options for you to consider as you plan your next exciting home improvement. Here are 10 loft conversion ideas to inspire your next home improvement project: 

dog lounging on bed in loft conversion

Cooling Vibes

It’s no secret that the UK is warming up, and whilst that might have us all out enjoying the garden, hosing down the barbecue and getting new rattan furniture sets galore, there are some parts of the house that aren’t quite as enjoyable in the hot weather.

Lofts can be really hot come spring and summer, but there are many ways to help prevent the temperature from rising in this beautiful top floor space. Some easy basics are opening those Velux Windows, checking the conversion is as insulated as it can be, and using beautiful blinds (remotely operated make life much easier) to stop direct sunlight getting in. 

For more control over the temperature, a bigger investment to consider is something like an air conditioning system. It isn’t cheap, but if you have a system that uses solar power, you’re going to be keeping the bills to run it really low. With this kind of improvement made anybody who stays in the space (including paying guests if you rent it out) will be much more comfortable in the hotter months of the year. 

Creative Cladding

If you’re hoping to enhance your kerb appeal, it could be a good idea to add some cladding to your loft conversion’s external walls. Dormer conversions commonly benefit from this kind of external enhancement to help them blend into the home more seamlessly. Rendering is an alternative to cladding and can work for both dormer conversions and hip-to-gable conversions too. 

Luxury Spa Bliss

Life is stressful for most of us because the world feels a little weird at the moment. Every day there seems to be something new to worry about, which is why protecting your mental health is incredibly important, and what’s better than a good old soak and steam in the bathroom to forget about everything for a minute? To facilitate this kind of brain break, why not go one step further and turn your loft conversion en-suite into a luxurious spa? As long as you have great ventilation, bathroom paint and perhaps the addition of an extractor fan, you can be quite creative with the design. 

A roll top bath with a view, some big fluffy towels, and maybe even an integrated TV or music system would be quite dreamy by anyone’s standards. Crosswater shower heads, body jets and rain shower heads can also be really wonderful, and a really cool feature to advertise if you do rent the space out. 

Opening Up The Stairs

Sometimes stairways to loft conversions can feel a little cramped and dark. The best way to avoid this is with really good planning when you have the construction done. A professional loft construction company will advise you on the building regulations and the best way to place your stairs for minimal impact on existing bedrooms below. 

Perhaps you have compromised on stair space to save living space, or you moved into a home with a loft conversion already in place, so you need to work with what you have. 

The good news is that there are some really easy adjustments you can make to open the stairs up so that they feel bigger and brighter. 

The first step is to paint the surrounding walls in nice bright neutrals to help any light coming in to reflect within the space. You’ll also want to add some extra lighting such as recessed spotlights that illuminate the stairs. If you’re short on cash, you can buy stick-on spotlights that have motion sensors, which help with night time access to lower level amenities. 

Additional lights on the walls also help to diffuse pendant lighting from above, which can be very harsh. 

Switch Solid Partition Walls For Glazed Versions

If you love the idea of zoning, but you find it takes away light and openness from your loft conversion, consider switching standard solid partition walls for glazed versions. Framed glazing can be frosted or muted, so the light still gets through, but a degree of privacy and separation for different parts of the loft remains. 

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Get Planty

A loft conversion is a great place for plants because so many plants love bright, indirect light. So, if you want to bring the outdoors in, and you’re hoping to add different shapes, vibrant colours and structural elements to your loft conversion decor, plants are a great way to go. 

If you’re a beginner, spider plants, dracaena and snake plants are really good choices because they’re generally quite hardy and aren’t as finicky as other plants. If you don’t mind putting a little bit more effort in, a monstera deliciosa is a fantastic choice for a statement piece. Or, add some hooks for hanging planters in corners that are hard to adorn. Pothos, monstera adansonii and philodendrons will all look great and you can even add additional hooks to support them vining and growing around the walls. 


Embrace Hygge And Create An Escape

If you have no immediate need for the loft conversion to be a bedroom, playroom or study, why not indulge yourself with a beautiful reading room, craft space or social space? Hygge is all about facilitating those special ‘moments’ in life that feel like a little hug for your soul. You can make those moments alone, or with family and friends, and a big, bright, gorgeous loft space could be the perfect place to help you do just that. 

Think textural blanket and throw layering, multiple height hangout areas with beanbags, floor cushions, squashy sofa chairs and if it’s safe to do so – you could even put up a hammock! 

With the right neutral decor, and then embracing soft furnishings to the max, you can create a sublime snug to escape to when the world beyond the walls gets too much. 


A Splash Of Colour

If your loft conversion is not being used as a bedroom for any specific person then there is no need to please anybody with a certain colour scheme. That means you can go a little wild and play with colour in a way you perhaps can’t in the rest of your home. 

Does sunshine yellow take your fancy? How about the latest rich greens and blues trending everywhere? What about a designer wallpaper? Experiment and play with this quirky, wonky space because you can! 


Consider Bespoke Storage

The best way to make the most of the crooked and unique spaces you get with many loft conversions is to have bespoke storage made. This can ensure that every inch of the loft is utilised, and it often looks much better too, compared to clunky, bulky furniture being awkwardly shoved into spaces where they fit badly. 


Workout With A View

If you’re a bit of a healthy Henry, a great way to save money and time is to use your loft conversion space as a workout space. It’s easy to add lots of ventilation, integrated music systems and a post-workout en-suite to the room without too much effort at all.

There are two slight issues, though, with this use of the space. 

One is the flooring – you must ensure that the floor is reinforced enough to handle plenty of jumping, and storage of heavy equipment. It will also be pretty loud for everybody in the rest of the house if you’re doing jumping jacks on a surface without proper reinforcement or floor soundproofing. Another issue is getting any heavy equipment up there, which would be a struggle. 

So, it’s best to think of it more as a light yoga/ workout space for resistance work and stretching etc, rather than the kind of home gym you might create in your garage or ground floor bedroom.

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Hopefully, the ideas above have inspired you to make some functional, fun and creative changes to your valuable loft conversion space.

If you’re yet to have your loft conversion created, do consider speaking to a professional loft conversion company about the possibilities above, and more. The more any important features and functional aspects can be integrated during the planning and design stage, the easier it will be to create the perfect, beautiful, comfortable loft conversion space for your family so that you can truly make the most of this incredible home renovation investment. 

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