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Whatever your style of home, be it a terraced house, a country cottage or even a three-storey townhouse, one thing is for sure, ‘outside living’ is an extremely popular way of life now and the ability to bring the outside in is something we all search for. One of the best ways to do this is through the addition of a beautiful home extension

With the right design team behind you, you’ll find that actually, there are a number of innovative ways to create a greater connection with your garden, whether it’s a skylight in a kitchen extension to the rear of your home or even a beautifully crafted loft extension that offers views above neighbouring homes. For example, adding large windows to emphasise a particular viewpoint from your home would be the obvious choice but for those who may feel undecided on how best to do so, it’s worth knowing your options. 

Here are just a few ideas to make sure you incorporate in your designs at the very beginning of your projects.

full photo loft conversion

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Add A Balcony To A New Master Suite

If you’re thinking of completing a single-storey extension to the rear of your property, then you may want to consider what you can do above it before you submit planning permission. A neat single-storey extension could very easily support a balcony above to allow additional views from the master suite above. This can invite more light into the master bedroom at the same time and allow for more airflow, especially during the hotter months.

finished loft extension open doors view

Install Bi-Fold Doors To Open Up Your Property To The Garden

Whether you’re considering a single or double storey extension at the rear of your property, we recommend where possible, the addition of bi-fold doors. Not only would this allow for much better use of the downstairs floor but it would also quite literally open up one entire end of the home and allow for a fluid transition into the garden. 

completed home extension bi-folding doors white brick wall garden furniture

Mirror Materials Both Inside & Out

For a truly cohesive space, you may want to consider mirroring materials both inside and out. By continuing the materials you’ve used in your home, out to the rear garden, you can create a fluid and seamless transition. This can be done by utilising the same materials on the outside of your new extension, as you do on the inside. Perhaps you may consider cedar cladding to complement a cedar worktop and dining table, or even the same stone flooring laid inside the home and outside the home so the new extension, be it a kitchen, dining room or even living room feels like one big space with the garden patio.

completed home extension floor to ceiling

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Consider Biophilic Design To Truly Bring The Outside In

Biophilic design is an approach used within architecture that seeks to help the occupants feel more close to nature in their home. Biophilic design within a home extension would ensure that more natural lighting and ventilation is considered through skylights, bi-fold doors and other openings, giving full view to the outside world. It would also incorporate natural features such as landscape features, moss walls for example and other elements in order to create not only a more healthy environment but an environment that seeks to mould the inside of your extension with the outside world.
The level to which you go would be completely down to you however there are some extensions that include additions such as green roofs, living walls and even raw plywood in the framework of cupboards.

open planned kitchen sliding doors with open frame

Use A Through View

If you’re unsure of what a through-view is, allow us to explain. Whether you’re in a detached home or a terraced home, your new extension could incorporate a design such as a courtyard between the original home and the terrace home. This draws the outside in deeper into the home and the floor-plan of the home. Through-views, as they are known, connect the more private and cosy space of your living room for example with brightly crafted kitchens, encouraging more natural light and cleverly bringing more outdoor space internally into an extension

Add An Invisible Extension

Orangeries are becoming more and more popular of late, especially when they can be incorporated into a rear extension. By doing so, you can ensure the orangery isn’t just sat on the edge of the property but designed in a way that allows for the layout to flow towards the garden. Before even stepping into your garden, you’ll already feel as if you’re outside the property. In terms of design, you’ll want to consider warm natural materials and subtle fresh colours in order to create the illusion of outdoor living within the orangery.

completed home extension light kitchen

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This blog merely scratches the surface when it comes to bringing the outside in with a home extension. There are so many different options available and it all depends on the home you have in front of you. If you’d like more information or perhaps even help constructing the ultimate home extension to achieve a more natural feel in your home, why not book a free consultation today. We can discuss everything from loft conversion to biophilic design and more. Call us now on 0203 950 7957.