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Bungalows, while once the chosen property for those in their retirement years, are fast becoming a popular style of home for young families. In fact, they’re now one of the most sought after homes out there. But why is that? Well, it’s all down the simple fact that they offer amazing potential to extend upwards as well as outwards. The ability to extend on a bungalow is huge and today, we’re going to be focusing on loft conversions in bungalows and what you need to know.

Chalet Bungalows

Attic constructions carried out on bungalows, become chalet bungalows. Before you buy a bungalow with a view to extend however, here’s everything you need to know about loft conversions in Bungalows and how you can make the biggest bang for your buck.

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Bungalows Are Ideal For Converting

Because bungalows usually offer a much larger floor plan than most houses, and more often than not boast a pitched roof, it makes them ideal for converting. How? Because it’s thought around 40% of the available space i.e. up top, is unused. This means you’ll have a much bigger space in the attic to convert than you would in a regular two up, two down.

It is quite common for properties like this to be on larger plots too, allowing for you to fully utilise the space available up to without having to worry about neighbours houses. The steep pitch of the roof also means you’ll likely not need a dormer window too, making the conversion a more cost-effective option once again.

The Location Of Your Stairs Is Key

While bungalows are an amazing property to convert, you do need to spend time thinking about the location of your stairs for your loft conversion. You’ll need to add stairs to your property in order to have access to the new conversion and where you put those stairs will undoubtedly mean a loss of space downstairs.

So you’ll want to consider their placement to minimise that loss of space. Thankfully, here at Clapham Construction Service, that’s something we can help with easily, in order to minimise the amount of space you lose.

Building Regulations Are A Touch Different

Right now, it would seem building regulations for a bungalow are slightly more relaxed for bungalow loft conversion staircases. While new staircases in multi-storey properties must be ‘fire protected’, this isn’t necessarily the case in a bungalow. Do check with your local authority or if using Clapham Construction Service, sit back and allow us to deal with it for you.

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If you’d like more information on loft conversions in Bungalows or perhaps you’d like to book a free consultation with one of our loft conversion specialists, simply call today on 0203 950 7957. Our team will be only too happy to help you on your journey to an incredible space on top of your bungalow.