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Tips For Increasing Natural Light Indoors

Do you think that you can have more natural light in your house but the layout is not right? Do you want to use most of the natural light that you have to create the perfect effect?

Well, there are many ways that you can use to maximize the natural light that is already entering your house, such as a house extension. The only issue is that the windows and curtains we are using commonly block the entrance of natural light.

As well as there are many other mistakes that we make during the construction and décor of the house. Here we have some simple ways that you can use for the process.

Completed loft conversion with balcony and open door

Here are some interesting tips that will help you maximize natural light:

  • One of the best ways you can use to reflect the existing natural light is the application of mirrors. Install the mirror to create a perfect focal point to assure that light will reflect properly.
  • You can use lightweight and sheer fabric to cover the large windows. In this way, maximum light will enter and flow through your room. It will bring more warmth inside.
  • Keeping your color palette light is the most important thing you have to do. Light colors always reflect light while warm colours will absorb it. In order to create highlights in your rooms, you can use silver weaves and linens of metallic colors.
  • While using shutters pick a wide slat design that will allow more natural light to enter your house. It will also offer you the privacy that you need.
  • It is better to have a hard floor with properly polished finishing whether you select wood or stone. It will help the light to bounce back into the room. Carpet is not reflective due to which you will not get the effect that you need, if you decide to go with carpets, ensure again that you pick a lighter shade.

Another amazing technique that you can use to maximize light that enters your home is through the layout of the loft conversion. Selecting the right Layout of loft will not only open up some extra space but ensure the right amount if light bounces through walls, ceilings, doors and sometimes even floors. You can consult the experts at Clapham construction service if you want to know more.

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completed loft extension with two skylights

Loft Skylights

Skylight loft conversions (also known as Velux conversions) are one of the most cost-efficient ways to add space to your home. As it requires minimal construction, this is undoubtedly an affordable and resourceful solution for anyone looking to maximize their living space.

If you possess the luck of having ample space in your loft, a Skylight loft conversion can be an economical means to construct another room. Generally speaking, this process doesn’t necessitate planning permission (though that might not always be the case).

It is worth noting, however, that because this type of loft conversion utilizes the space you already have without extending it, there are restrictions associated with it. Nevertheless, they are far more cost-effective and usually take only a few weeks to finish – a major advantage for some homeowners!

Using Clear Glass Window Panes

It is advised that you use clear glass in windows. Seems obvious right, but there are different styles and patterns of glass available in the market that will collect the scattered light at one point, so it can enter your house and give you the effect that you need.

If your windows are original in a period property you may well have these ‘effect’ windows and the quality of even ‘clear’ glass of that period is not what it is today. Nowadays you can even fit self-cleaning glass that will ensure no light is restricted.

You can also make changes in the layout that will help you get more natural light. You can track the sun and select a new layout, have slim frame windows or consider having a double facing room. Also ensure that you select the right type of glass according to the direction of sunlight in your area.

loft conversion twin room with opening doors

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