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A loft conversion is a great idea for any homeowner who would love to enhance the value of their home and increase functional space. It’s particularly handy for homeowners in London because one in five do not have a garden, and if there is a garden it could be worth thousands on top of the value of the property, so you don’t necessarily want to be eating into it with a new outward extension. If you do have an outward extension in place, a loft conversion can actually enhance its value of it by capitalising on the footprint space that has already been used. 

There are plenty of conversion types for you to choose from if you do opt for this kind of home improvement. 

Of all the conversions that can be done, dormer conversions joined together are very popular because they are known for creating a huge amount of space. They form an L-shaped conversion, which, combined with a great layout and design, can transform your loft into a roomy, light, stunning living space to use in multiple ways. 

If you’re thinking about a loft conversion and/ or adding to an existing conversion, below, we’re going to give you a ton of helpful information that will help you to refine your ideas and make the most of your investment. Read on to find out how to unlock the potential in your loft space:

two dormers

Why A Loft Conversion? 

Any loft conversion is a positive investment for any property. Whilst joining dormers (as we will discuss below) makes a lot of sense in terms of maximising the potential loft space, realistically, any loft conversion is going to bring better functionality and value to a home. 

Key Benefits Of A Loft Conversion: 

  • Increased value of home
  • Increased usable living space
  • Usually quicker than an extension
  • Multiple options to suit your needs
  • A better view of surrounding areas
  • Energy efficient
  • Quirky and unique design layout
  • Can often be done without Planning Permission
  • Allows natural light to flood in
  • Could be rented out for extra income

Why Choose A Dormer Conversion? 

Whether you want to convert your loft to accommodate a growing family, or you’re converting for potential rental income, it’s a really good idea to design your conversion to get the maximum amount of space possible. 

A dormer loft conversion could be exactly how you get the most possible space in return for the work being done. 

It is a type of conversion that can be done on the front, back or side of the roof to convert the loft space, and it has vertical walls which reflect the angle of the exterior house walls and extend the existing roof angle potential. The majority of dormers are flat-roofed, but there is an option to add a pitched roof if that is something you would prefer, it just has to be discussed during the design stage to make sure your requirements can be accommodated. 

Many people choose a dormer conversion because it offers a really generous amount of headroom, so instead of having to stoop with angled ceilings and adjust furniture design to suit, you’ll get much more headroom and therefore, much more space to use as you like. 

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Dormer Loft Conversion

Why Join Dormer Conversions Together?

Two dormer conversions together usually create an L-shaped dormer where one dormer (usually a larger dormer around 5 x 6 metres on average) is on the main part of the house, and the other (often slightly smaller and around 3 x 5 metres on average) is placed on top of an existing extension towards the back of the property. Most commonly, this is done on Victorian terraced or semi-detached properties and does involve a lot of structural work. 

Often, when a dormer is added to the existing roof it will have a frame and beams added, as well as finishing touches to help it seamlessly blend into the existing roof aesthetic. There may also need to be steps, or at least one step down to the smaller dormer which sits on the extension at the back, to allow seamless travel between the two constructions. 

The reason that many people would choose to have this work done is to allow significant expansion of their property. An L-shaped conversion made of two dormers is incredibly roomy, and you can add multiple rooms, including more than one bedroom, en-suites, a kitchen and a living area. You can also have a Juliet balcony added to further allow natural light and air movement to flow throughout the conversion. 

Average Costs & Timescales Of Joining A Double Dormer

If you have two dormer conversions built and linked together it will likely cost a minimum of £40,000 and will take around 2-4 months or more to finish, depending on the extent of the build. Lots of different factors can impact the cost and timescale for any build, including legal applications, design delays, weather issues, local demand, the extent of the build and the complexity of the overall design. 

The first step to finding out the cost and timescale for your L-shaped loft extension is to speak to a professional loft conversion company. They will be able to help you understand what is possible for your home, and if a double dormer joined together is something that works for your property, budget and timescale. 

Why Not Take The Next Step & Get A Quote Today? 

If you would love two dormers joined together for maximum space and functional possibility for your home, why not speak to a local loft conversion company like Clapham Construction today? They can let you know exactly what is possible for your home, and if you decide to go ahead, they will head up the project for you, keeping you informed the whole way. 

All you need to do is work on the perfect design with their experts, and then sit back and relax whilst the work is done. At the end, whether you have an L-shaped conversion, or a similar construction, you’ll have lots of new functional, liveable space added to your home to use however you please. 

Why not take the first step towards investing in your property today and speak to a loft conversion expert? With the right design, you could have a beautiful, functional, valuable new space to use in as little as 6 weeks. 

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Hopefully the ideas above have inspired you to make some functional, fun and creative changes to your valuable loft conversion space.

If you’re yet to have your loft conversion created, do consider speaking to a professional loft conversion company about the possibilities above, and more. The more any important features and functional aspects can be integrated during the planning and design stage, the easier it will be to create the perfect, beautiful, comfortable loft conversion space for your family, so that you can truly make the most of this incredible home renovation investment. 

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