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Why Does The Location of Your Loft Staircase Matter?

When it comes to planning your loft conversion, one of the toughest questions for most is quite simply, “where do I put my staircase?” It’s no surprise that it’s such a big question and one that requires a lot of thought for the simple fact that the staircase takes up a large amount of floorspace.

That means you’re going to need to have it in a location that won’t cause too much inconvenience. Before you can decide on the right location however, you’ll first need to look at the regulations surrounding staircases and loft conversions.

Loft Staircase Regulations & Laws

All loft conversions must comply with relevant building regulations. This is the case even if your loft conversion doesn’t require planning permission. When it comes to loft conversions and staircases specifically, you must adhere to the following:

  • The staircase must be positioned to provide safe access to and from the loft space
  • The steepness of the pitch can be no more than 42 degrees
  • Minimum headroom is 1.9m
  • All risers/steps must be equal
  • There must be a handrail in position when there is a drop of more than 600mm (more than two steps)
  • Space saver stairs (compact staircases) may be used when serving only one room

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Where Can A Loft Staircase Go?

Providing all loft regulations are met, here are your options for placing your staircases.

Over Existing Staircase

This is one of the best options as it saves a great deal of space in your home, and it allows for a far more symmetrical aesthetic in terms of your home’s layout. It will also mean you avoid losing any headroom and you minimise the amount of floor space that’s used.

Using A Section Of Another Room

For some, there may be structural or even space limitations that mean you cannot simply place a staircase over the other staircase. In this case, it may be necessary to place your staircase in a section of another room. Most who find they have to choose this option either use a chunk from an unused room or a chunk from their largest room as this usually doesn’t impact on the use of that room.

Space Saver Staircase

While these are often quite unpopular with building inspectors, they aren’t illegal however it should be noted that these are very much a last resort if there is simply no other option available. These are ideal for homes that find themselves with very limited space.

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