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Why Expand Your Home?

With the costs associated with moving home becoming more and more in-depth, expanding the current family home is becoming the more popular choice.

Finding space isn’t as difficult as some may have you think, in fact, there are numerous ways to increase the size of your current home with a loft conversion and building a basement being some of the most popular, especially in terraced homes where room at the sides or back may not exist. 

Loft conversion - bedroom

Today we’re looking at loft extension vs building a basement and which is the best option for you. So if you’re beginning to struggle for space and would rather expand your current home rather than uproot everyone, keep reading as we dive into the pros and cons of converting the loft vs building basements.

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The Pros & Cons of Expanding Your Home

When it comes to the great loft conversions vs building basements argument, it can be divided into two main arguments. These are ‘Affordability & Convenience’ and ‘Space & Liveability’. Let’s break it down:

Cost & Convenience

When it comes to cost, there’s absolutely no contest between the two. Loft conversions will always come out on top. Loft conversions are known for being one of the most cost-effective methods of home renovation and when compared to building basements, they’re the most cost-effective by a long mile.

all types of Loft conversions require converting space that’s essentially already there. Building basements on the other hand can require serious construction in the form of digging deep down into the ground below your home, while ensuring structures above and to the side remain supported.

It’s also worth noting that planning isn’t as strict when it comes to loft conversions in comparison to basements and loft conversions require far less construction which in turn means a much shorter period (usually) to the finished product.

Space & Liveability

When it comes to space and liveability, loft conversions win again thanks to the ability to take advantage of natural light. Whether it’s through Velux windows or dormer windows, natural light can be taken advantage of and utilised to the full.

This can be incredibly difficult and in some cases, even impossible to do with basement renovations and can sometimes require artificial light. For some this is fine however for others, artificially lit rooms can prove too claustrophobic.

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For us, loft conversions will always be the winner. They offer far more for far less in both cost and convenience, while also allowing you to utilise natural light and existing space. There’s simply no comparison.

If you’d like more information on loft conversions in London, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Clapham Construction Service today. With over 20 years experience within the construction industry, we’ve become specialists in loft conversions within London’s narrow streets. With Clapham Construction Service, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. Call 0203 950 7957.