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Are you in need of more functional space in your home? Statistics say that a massive one in five of us are living in cramped living conditions and are in desperate need of more space in our homes

If that sounds familiar, a dormer loft conversion could be exactly what you need. It’s a fantastic home improvement that not only transforms your loft conversion into a usable room but extends the amount of space available with its clever design. No building onto precious garden space, suitable for homes without garden space at all, able to boost the value of your home – the benefits are vast beyond the space it creates. 

To help you become more in the know about this popular way to maximise space in the home, let’s take a closer look at dormer attic extensions

What Is A Dormer Loft Conversion? 

A loft conversion, at its most basic, is the conversion of your loft space into a safe, weight-bearing room that can be used for any purpose – as a snug, home office, guest suite – you have endless, exciting options. A dormer becomes part of that conversion, as a box shaped design built into, and protruding out of, the pitched roof. The dormer itself has a flat, horizontal roof, and 90-degree vertical walls from the floor, as well as a window on the end of the structure, to let the light flood in. 

Dormer loft conversions are usually added to the rear or side of the property, but with the right permissions, you can sometimes have them on the front of the house. 

two dormers joined together in l shape

Different Types Of Dormer Loft Conversion

There are various types of dormer loft conversions to suit various preferences and building demands. Sometimes an area will require the style of a loft conversion to match buildings nearby, or your house may suit a certain dormer structure type more than other types. Here are some of the different dormer loft conversion types;

  • L-Shaped Dormer – An L-shaped dormer is where two dormers meet. It is usually where the roof on the house itself sits in an L shape and a dormer sits on the inner corner on both sides of that L shape, adjoining to create its own L-shaped upwards extension. This type of dormer is likely to have at least two windows to fill the space with light. 
  • Dog-House Dormer/ Pitched Roof Dormer – A dormer with a pitched roof, which can look better externally, but can give less floor space internally. 
  • Shed Dormer – The flat roof of the dormer slants at an angle instead. 
  • Flat Roof Dormer – The classic dormer we talked about above, complete with a horizontal flat roof.

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How Does A Dormer Conversion Create More Space?

A dormer conversion creates more space by adding more floor space, and in most cases, head-height walking space. In many instances, it can be the perfect nook for a WFH area, a reading chair, a creative studio desk, or even something fancy like a roll-top bath. It’s opening up that little bit more room to spread out and maximise the overall loft conversion

A dormer is particularly invaluable in loft conversions that are potentially a little tight on space already, pushing the potential of the conversion further and giving you more head height walking space and fully usable square footage, compared to pitched roof space which can be restrictive because the walls are slanted. 


How Much Does A Dormer Loft Conversion Cost? 

The cost of loft conversions is something you can only really get with an accurate quote. So many factors impact the quote that is individual to your home, needs and the location you’re in. The addition of a dormer will factor into that quote. 

Loft conversions can cost anything from £15,000 to £75,000 on average, so it’s important that you get unique and accurate quotes to find out what your options are. What we do know for sure is that the cost of a square foot of property in the UK is worth over £250, and in London that goes up to over £500 pounds. So, whatever the upfront cost of the conversion build, the financial value of every square foot made, including what is created by a dormer, is hefty, and will only grow with time. 

Read our loft Price calculator Guide.

Can You Add A Dormer To An Existing Loft Conversion? 

Only a professional can tell you whether this is possible for your existing loft conversion or not. In many cases, though, it can be done quite easily and tends to be very cost-effective and quick, too. 


Other Considerations

If you’d love a dormer to maximise the space in your loft conversion the best thing to do is speak to us for more information. There are other considerations when it comes to the conversion that will be discussed with you during your consultation, including the design of your space and which design would make the most of your loft space, extending it in a way that gives you even more floor space to utilise. 

You will likely have a range of options as to the style of the dormer and where the dormer can go. Those to the rear and side often fall within Permitted Development, but those on the front often need Planning Permission. Conservation considerations, your local area, and your type of property will also impact the kind of paperwork you need for the work to go ahead. Party Wall agreements may need to be in place and can be quite commonly required in areas where properties are close together, such as London. Here at Clapham Construction, we will discuss all of these variables with you so that you feel completely informed about your options and the various factors that impact your individual dormer conversion quote.

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Why Not Contact Clapham Construction For A Quote?

Why not speak to Clapham Construction today to discuss enhancing the value, function and aesthetic of your home with a beautiful dormer loft conversion. With our help you can understand your options and receive a transparent quote for the work. 

It’s an incredibly savvy home improvement to have at a time when extending outwards comes with a long list of challenges for the modern homeowner. It’s also very quick, easy, and cost-effective when you already have a loft conversion in place. 


Please get in touch with us today for more information, and a free consultation to find out how we can transform your loft space at a competitive price.