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Loft Conversions For New Builds?

It’s no big secret that new roofs are an expensive endeavour. Whether your roof is in a state of disrepair or you’re simply considering updating its current look, having a new roof installed will cost you a fair chunk of change.

Before you spend the money it may be worth considering a loft conversion. Why? Because it could work out to be far more cost-effective to have a loft extension and a new roof at the same time. Put simply, a loft conversion would entail a new roof on your property but instead of simply spending money on a new roof and gaining a minimal return, if anything, you’d be gaining additional living space and potentially up to 20% ROI on your property’s value.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone


A loft conversion is a much cheaper way to get a new roof; you also get money off of your loft conversion all at the same time. While that could be considered a very crude explanation as to why so many opt for a loft conversion when looking at a new roof, it really is that simple. If you still need a little convincing however, here’s why so many take the leap and opt for a loft conversion when they’re in need of a new roof.


Improve Your Roof’s Structure & Appearance

So your property needs a new roof and like most, you’ll undoubtedly start to look at extending your home in a few years’ time. By converting the loft as well as sorting out the roof, you’ll be saving yourself money by having both works carried out at the same time. A new roof comes in with a loft conversion so why not have them both done at once and save yourself a lot of time and money?

When you have a loft conversion in london, you won’t simply get a new roof that looks the part, you’ll be having a new roof with an entirely new structure. You’ll be improving your roof beyond measure, having a new structure put in place that will accommodate the new liveable space and that looks brand new. Think brand new trusses and beams that will stand the test of time.

master bedroom with velux windows

Increase Your Liveable Space & Internal Comfort

The pitch of your current roof may not allow for much space and movement however by having a loft conversion completed, you’ll create more liveable space by opting for a more usable pitch in the roof.

New roofs are expensive. That’s something we can all agree on. Especially when you’re only getting a roof that appears new and functions no differently. When you opt for a loft conversion however, you’re getting a new roof plus additional liveable space and an increase in your property value. It makes financial sense. 

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