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Do I Need To Let My Insurers Know About Loft Conversion Building Works?


Are you thinking about having a loft conversion carried out on your home? Did you know that before construction, you’ll likely need to update your current building insurance? If you answered No to that question, you’re not alone. We thought we would go through buildings insurance and what you need to know when it comes to loft conversion building works.

A survey carried out in 2017 suggested a whopping 43% of homeowners had carried out major works on their home, be it a home extension or a loft conversion in the last five years, and had failed to tell their buildings insurance provider. Without doing so, you could actually find your building insurance invalidated. We thought we would go through buildings insurance and what you need to know when it comes to loft conversion building works.


What Comes Under ‘Home Extension’

When it comes to your building insurance, the terms ‘home extension’ covers everything from side and rear extensions, to conservatories and loft conversions. Undertaking any of these will require you to inform your building insurance provider. You’ll need to give at least three weeks notice to your insurance provider that work is about to commence.

It all depends very much on the work you’re having done. If you’re simply opting for a velux loft conversion with minimal change to the exterior and interior, just the addition of a simple sky light etc then there may not be a great deal of change. If however, you’re having a great deal of work done to provide entirely new liveable space, you may find your insurer will need to amend the terms of your policy or even cancel your existing cover and change it for something that will give you the right cover.

Your insurer will likely want to make sure that your builders have adequate public liability insurance while also looking at how long the building work will take. Once the loft conversion is complete, you may also need to increase your contents cover too, as you will probably need more items to furnish the new living space.

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What About If I Add A New Bathroom In My Loft Conversion

Despite what many believe, fitted units in bathrooms actually come under buildings insurance, not contents insurance. Generally speaking though, you shouldn’t need to inform your insurance company if you’re having a new bathroom installed; however, you would be wise to check with your insurance company, especially if it’s an additional bathroom to what’s stated on your insurance policy – they will almost certainly want to know about this.

loft conversion bathroom with steamroom

Can I Go Ahead?

If the work you’re planning on carrying out is only cosmetic, such as painting and maintenance then you shouldn’t need to inform your home insurance. If the work you’re carrying out is significant (e.g. a loft conversion), then you would be wise to let your insurer know as soon as possible. Once you have done, and your home cover has been amended to represent your current situation, then it’s simply a case of enjoying the peace of mind to know that you’re still covered before carrying out the building works. 

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