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Why Do We Need To Carry Out Roof Inspections?

There are numerous reasons why your roof would need to be inspected. In our case here at Clapham Construction Service, it’s a great tool for us to take a look at what you have already and what we’ll need to do in order to carry out your loft conversion, home extension or home renovation. Despite the ease that a drone provides, many ask why we choose to use a drone as opposed to the good old fashioned way of ‘boots on the ground’.

How Can A Drone Help With A Roof Inspection?

Drones are incredible devices. Not only do they capture some of the most spectacular imagery and video from the safety of the ground, but they can also make light work of tasks that could otherwise prove not only time-consuming but dangerous too. Thanks to drones, we no longer need to climb on top of houses simply to do inspections. Instead, we can avoid getting up close and personal with power lines and simply carry out a roof inspection while keeping our feet on the ground. By introducing drones into our equipment line up, we can provide you with a much more efficient service when carrying out roof inspections.

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Here Are Some Reasons Why a Drone is the Best Way to Carry Out a Roof Inspection:

It’s Safer

This is the number one reason why a drone is used instead of sending people up ladders. It’s safer. Plain and simple. If you don’t need to put someone in unnecessary danger, then why would you? By using drones, you’re automatically avoiding any chance of injury during inspections, making roof inspections safer for all involved.

Access To Otherwise Inaccessible Areas

Whether we’re working on a townhouse or a detached property, there will always be areas of a roof that find themselves inaccessible via ladder. Thankfully, these inaccessible areas, often due to the safety aspect, are now more accessible than ever.

Less Manpower Needed

While a traditional roof inspection would have required a team of professionals, multiple ladders, ropes, harnesses and more; a drone inspection requires just one person. This allows the rest of the team that we would have needed, to spend time carrying out other projects such as loft conversions and home extensions or better still, begin compiling the data that gets fed through during the drone inspection to get your results to you far quicker.

Cloud Based Data

Drone inspections are carried out using specialist software that allows for all data collected to be backed up to the cloud instantly. The measurements and angles taken are as precise, leaving no room for human error. All shots and data can then be accessed via the cloud with ease. This makes the process more streamlined and a lot more efficient.

The Company You Can Trust

Here at Clapham Construction Service, we specialise in loft extensions. With over twenty years experience in the building and construction industry, we’ve come to specialise in creating entirely new rooms out of what is essentially dead space in your loft.

With the right design and the high-quality construction we’ve become known for, you can enjoy an entirely new office space in your home by utilising space you already have. Not only do you get a more peaceful space to work in, but your home also enjoys an increase in its current value.

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If you’d like a new office space or more space in your home, simply contact us today. Our team will help you create your ideal work environment, insulated from the world. From design, through to the finished project, we’ll be there every step of the way. Call today on 0203 950 7957.