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According to statistics, a loft conversion can increase the value of a property by 21 per cent. At a time when many homeowners are looking to extend, rather than move, this is great news in relation to the return on improvement investments made. Of course, regardless of the return on investment, the fact remains that loft extensions aren’t cheap and cost around £45,000 on average. The costs can also continue to creep up and up if the right precautions aren’t taken at multiple stages of the project. The good news is that there are ways to not only stop the cost of a loft conversion from blowing up but also to save money on the overall process. You can get a bigger home for less.

Here are 9 ways to reduce the cost of your loft conversion:

Go For ‘Own Brand’

Ever heard the tip of going own brand in the supermarket to save on key groceries? The same can be done with a loft conversion. You don’t need the most premium products like fixtures, fittings and finishes. You can get phenomenal results with durable, attractive mid-range products that get the job done without pushing those costs up.

To avoid paying over the odds, try to dodge upselling from the suppliers or your loft conversion company so that you only get what you need, not what you think is ‘best’.

Keep It Legal & Safe

If your loft conversion breaks laws and legislation of any kind you could end up having to pay fines, adjust the project build or worse, having to demolish the build completely and start from scratch. Being scrupulous about the laws and legislation from the very beginning will help you avoid this drain on costs, and the heartbreak of starting again.

Check laws and legislation such as:

Wildlife laws
Building regulations & planning permission
Laws relating to neighbouring properties (party wall etc)
Special laws in your area for development
Protections on your property and land
Laws relating to the use of the conversion

You can find out lots of helpful information about loft conversion laws and permissions here. Do keep in mind that these laws and regulations are always changing so there is never a bad time to check you’re up to date, especially throughout the planning stages.

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Avoid Roof & Ceiling Adjustments

If you can, avoiding raising the roof or lowering the ceiling is going to save you a lot of money. As long as you can stand up in full comfortably in the space there is no need to do this.
You can also avoid headroom being affected more by cleverly selecting lighting fixtures that do not hang down, and by compromising on aesthetically pleasing (but not always structurally needed) features like exposed beams. Of course anything needed for safety and structural integrity needs to stay but, there may be room for adjustments if you work closely with your architect.


Utilise What is Already There Saves Cash

Try to focus your project plans on utilising both electricity and plumbing pathways that are already in place. Creating new pathways, pipes and wiring can add a lot of money onto the project that may be unnecessary. Taking care to ask about this aspect of the build during quotes will help you avoid saying yes to expensive suggestions that you may go along with because you are unaware of any alternatives.


Get The Design Right

Designs that are made to be unnecessarily large, flamboyant or impractical will eventually cause the project to cost more than it needs to. The key to avoiding this is to ensure you have a really excellent architect design the build. A trusted loft construction service with a lot of experience will ensure that you have a practical, well-designed loft conversion design from the very beginning.

Dormer loft conversion - Bathroom

Choose A Fantastic Loft Conversion Company

One of the best things you can do for yourself when you are looking at having a loft conversion is to choose a loft conversion company who is going to do their very best for you. They should offer:

Fantastic customer service
Proven results
High quality results at a competitive price
Awareness of all the latest legislation and law

Don’t be afraid to check out multiple companies so you’re absolutely sure you are happy with your decision. This is not a small investment, so the company needs to be exactly right for you to get the most cost effective, fantastic results.

Are You Ready To Save Money On Your Loft Conversion?

Now you’re ready to make sure that you get a phenomenal loft conversion at an equally phenomenal price. With the right choices made, and lots of research done, you’re sure to have incredible results without spending more than you need to.

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