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Design & Planning

We have been working in this industry for a decades, we know how to create house extension designs to build bespoke loft conversions and extensions in London. Over that period we have developed our design and build process to help simplify the process and share with our clients. These maps are used as a reference in the industry, will always be bespoke to you and your project, but are a good base for you to understand the process

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A Typical Loft Design and Build Process

loft conversion design build process london

Design and Build Process London

A loft conversion, if built by experts, often follows a best practice pattern of building phases for Loft Conversions in London. We have displayed the ‘standard’ build process here for you. We call it standard because Clapham Construction service offers a bespoke house extension designs service and never one ‘off the rack’. Each house if different, so is the specification and the needs of each of our clients also.

Wherever possible we bend, break and swap these phases to suit the circumstances. So, for example, if you’re expecting a baby mid-way through the build we will often focus on the structural works and making the loft weather tight to meet that due date, leaving all the internal works (and less noisy parts) for after the birth. This is why our clients give us great feedback and why we personalise our service. Take a look at the standard phase plan and remember upon your home consultation we will discuss what your own phase plan will look like.

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A Typical Extension Design and Build Process

Design and Build Process
House Extension Designs

House extensions in London are normally more complex and longer builds. Having said that they too often follow a best practice build process. Here is ours, developed over 20 years of building these structures.

There are additional elements, such as, the building of a temporary kitchen that may take place in the midst of these works or landscaping that may be included in your specification for your particular build. As with all types of builds and projects, your plan will be bespoke, and it will also be adaptable throughout the works.

So as we progress we will meet you on-site and adapt where necessary the daily planning.

design and build process

Design and Build Process London

As you may have gathered from reading a little about Clapham Construction Service, we like to keep things simple, clear and straightforward. We have laid out the steps involved in the design process here for you here and we guide you through this every step of the way. In addition, as it’s a guide its changeable, meaning our processes are all adaptable to you and flexible enough to ensure you get what you need for our service. 

Building a loft conversion or house extension in London is simple for us, we are loft conversion specialists, but it’s often your first time, so our service is personal to each of you. Having said all that, take a look at our 7-step guide that we have developed over the years to support our clients.

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