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Loft Conversions In Detached Houses

There are a number of benefits to having a loft conversion in detached houses. If you are looking for ways to gain additional living space then it can be much more cost-effective than extending the property outwards or moving home. Choosing to add a bedroom, bathroom or a loft office to the loft will also increase the value of your home.

Detached properties are well-suited to loft conversions. There are no party wall agreements to worry about and depending on the structure of your roof space, you may be able to utilise the entire footprint of the property. There is also the potential to create an open-plan living area and roof terraces or a balcony.

If you’re considering loft conversion on a detached house then there are some things to think about. Firstly, there must be sufficient headroom in the loft space. There also needs to be room to accommodate a staircase on the lower level too. You can find more information about some of the main things to think about here.

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How Much Will A Detached House Loft Conversion Cost?

The best way to find out how much a loft conversion will cost for a detached property is to have a proper survey by a professional loft conversion company. Ballpark estimates are rarely accurate. That being said, a loft conversion for a detached property could start from £30k. However, depending on the type of loft conversion this could be anywhere up from there.

If you’re converting a loft into an additional bedroom then the cost of the conversion will be relatively low. Adding features like an ensuite bathroom represent additional material and labour costs which will naturally increase the price of the loft conversion. The level of finish can potentially represent a large cost too, as a high-end finish will cost more to achieve.

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Is Planning Permission Required For A Detached House Loft Conversion?

There are so many different considerations when it comes to planning permissions. Many loft conversion projects can be completed within permitted development. This may vary depending on the location of the property. It may also be more difficult to carry out a loft conversion if a property is listed, or in a heritage area.

All works must conform to building regulations. Using an experienced loft conversion company will ensure you get a well-designed plan and that everything will be signed off once completed.

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