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Are you considering turning your loft into a bedroom? You wouldn’t be the only one. According to a survey in 2015, a whopping 41% of people wanted to turn their loft space into an additional bedroom. It needn’t be a surprise either considering the cost of moving compared to that of a loft conversion. As your family grows, so too does your need for your home to grow along with it and by utilising your loft space, you’re not only gaining square footage, but you’re gaining property value and still keeping that valuable outdoor space. Loft conversion bedrooms quite simply, make sense.

Whether you’ve opted for a dormer loft conversion, a hip to gable loft conversion or even a simple Velux loft conversion, there are numerous ways you can achieve that much-needed extra space and what’s more, there are numerous ways that you can maximise the space you have to play with.

Bedroom In Converted Attic Space

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Design Considerations

It’s important that you get the design of your loft conversion bedroom right in order to not only make it likeable but to make it an enjoyable and functional liveable space too. Some of the most important factors include:


Regardless of the type of loft conversion you choose, lighting should be at the top of your list. Whether it’s simple skylights or full size windows in dormers, lighting up your loft conversions provides you with the means to create a beautifully open feel while taking advantage of the views above your neighbours. It also makes for a much more inviting bedroom.


Careful consideration needs to go to your staircase and the surrounding space to ensure you aren’t creating a bedroom that’s taken up by access. You’ll need to ensure there’s space for not only your bed but the remaining furniture, such as wardrobes etc.

Roof Terraces

A light and airy room is so important. The more light in a loft conversion the better, which is why many opt for a roof terrace or balcony in order to maximise this amount of light and space. If roof terraces and balconies aren’t possible, a Juliet balcony may be a great option too as it allows you to open up huge doors, allowing for more light and that feeling of additional space.

Built In Furniture

One of the best ways to make the most of your space in a loft conversion is to make use of the space you have with built in furniture. This not only makes use of those awkward spaces but can help you achieve more storage space and more ‘living’ space than you would if you were to use regular upright wardrobes.

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Creating your dream loft conversion bedroom isn’t as hard as you may think. In fact, with our incredible team by your side, it could be a whole lot easier and cheaper than you may think. One of the best things you can do, is to book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our team members who’ll not only be able to take you through our process, but they’ll also be able to take a look at your home and your loft. From here, they’ll be able to tell you what’s possible and how we can achieve it. 

completed loft extension with two visible brick walls - loft conversion inspiration

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Nicholas Carpenter
Nicholas Carpenter
Clapham Construction have done a great job on our loft conversion and we are very pleased with how smoothly the project went, and the brilliant loft space that we now have. Paul - thank you especially for guiding us through all the stages before and during the build. Their workmen were hard working from start to finish, efficient, and obviously very skilled. They were also polite, helpful and really tidy. We had great communication by email with their office, and with Paul in person and on the WhatsApp group - thank you. Our family in USA are now looking forward to staying with us in comfort this summer and beyond!
Bianca Hamilton
Bianca Hamilton
Paul, Dangis and the team are simply top notch. They did such a high-quality job on a tight timeframe and communicated so well throughout. They were a pleasure to work with, handled all elements of the build from start to finish and kept disruption as minimal as they could. Couldn’t recommend them more highly if I tried.
Mindy Lee
Mindy Lee
Thank you Clapham Construction! Your team were friendly, efficient, and highly motivated. The project ran to schedule with effective overlapping of tasks to allow for minimum disruption. Paul kept us actively involved at each stage of the process, so we always knew what was happening when, which was really reassuring. If we ever had a question, he would talk it through with us in person and offer advice without any pressure or expectation. The work is completed to an excellent standard. All the construction workers where kind, considerate, friendly, polite and kept our house as clean and tidy as possible. This took so much of the stress out of living on site during the works with a young son. Even the neighbours commented on how polite and considerate the builders had been. We would highly recommend this team for anyone thinking of undertaking a loft conversion in the future.
Shayan Bokhari
Shayan Bokhari
Paul, Dangis and their team were excellent given we had some obstacles with the council on design, they accommodated what we required. The work was very professional and communication was on point. We are very happy with our end result and any teething issues they resolved quickl. I would recommend the team to anyone. Thanks again for all your hard work.
Laila A
Laila A
Really lovely team - all professional, friendly and was great to have Dangis and Paul popping in regularly and being on the ball with the project. Happy with our new loft, all work done to an excellence standard, any follow up questions or issues dealt with quickly. Would highly recommend. Thank you very much.
Dani Carter
Dani Carter
Absolute professionals is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Clapham Construction service. And there are two further things you need to know about them: they are brilliant at what they do and they are generous in spirit. Throughout our project Paul and Dangis answered our naive questions with warmth and care. They helped guide us at every turn, and almost certainly saved us money by making sure we considered all the options we had before making key decisions. But not just customer care, the building work is also top notch. The build itself was a well oiled process, coordinated with skill. I was initially worried about getting an anonymous loft company I'd never heard of in (after getting 8 different quotes from a variety of places including famous local ones) and being part of the 'box on the roof' brigade. Yet somehow, they have created build magic with some tweaks on 'a little bit of height' here, and 'a little configuration' there. We keep marvelling at the sturdiness and smoothness of the physical build even now, and the army of highly skilled teams they have were a pleasure to host in the house while we worked from home. And finally the most important bit - the money stuff- our Loft extension (including bathroom) was completed on time and more or less on budget. The additional costs were the unforseen - (yikes a victorian chimney needs dismantling!) and a few flourishes that we ourselves added to the mix - (can the door handles be gold?). Any additional build costs were communicated efficiently and immediately. Our experience of Clapham Construction is that they are patient, hugely knowledgable, and detail orientated with a wealth of incredible advice. Don't delay on getting them on your project!
Mikey Johns
Mikey Johns
We spoke to a few companies to quote our dormer loft conversion but were immediately impressed speaking to Dangis & Paul and went with Clapham CS. We’re really happy with the end result which has given us some much needed extra space. Progress was quick, these guys are very experienced and know exactly what they’re doing. They’ll talk you through your plans and give you honest advice at key stages when you need to make a decision, very patient with us too! Would definitely recommend, they’ve done numerous houses in our neighbouring streets too, end results always look great.
Maria Luisa McKendry
Maria Luisa McKendry
Highly recommend this company. As first time buyers and first time renovators we couldn't be happier with their service. Paul and Dangis are very professional and thorough, at no times does it feel like corners are cut. They are able to provide genuine advice and guidance while being accommodating ensuring a stress free process.
Stuart Williams
Stuart Williams
Clapham Construction completed our kitchen extension for us. We’re really pleased with the results, and it has changed the whole place. The price was agreed upfront and there were no hidden extras. Good communication throughout the whole process on WhatsApp and Dan showed great building experience. They had the whole team from build, kitchen fitting through to finishing the garden off available in house so made it a lot easier. Thanks guys.
Tom Forman
Tom Forman
We are delighted with our new loft conversion, Clapham Construction did a great job. They were highly professional, no hidden costs, and with friendly employees who treated the rest of the house with respect. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

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Loft Conversion Bedroom - Faqs

What are the key benefits of converting a loft into a bedroom?

Converting a loft into a bedroom offers several significant benefits. Firstly, it’s a cost-effective way to add extra living space without the need for a full extension, which can be more expensive and time-consuming. It also increases the value of your property by adding a functional and attractive space. Additionally, a loft bedroom utilizes the existing structure of your home, preserving your outdoor space. It’s an ideal solution for growing families or those needing an extra room for guests, a home office, or a recreational area.

How do different types of loft conversions impact the design and functionality of a bedroom?

The type of loft conversion you choose greatly influences the design and functionality of your new bedroom. A dormer loft conversion, for instance, typically provides more headroom and allows for larger windows, making the space feel brighter and more spacious. A hip to gable conversion extends the existing roof line, offering more room and design flexibility, ideal for larger bedrooms or adding an en-suite. Velux conversions, while more straightforward, can flood the room with natural light through skylights, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Each type has its unique benefits, and the choice depends on your specific needs and the structure of your home.

What are the most important design considerations for a loft conversion bedroom?

When designing a loft conversion bedroom, several key factors should be considered. Lighting is crucial; incorporating skylights or large windows can make the space feel open and airy. Efficient use of space is essential, especially when it comes to staircase placement and furniture arrangement. Built-in furniture can be a great solution to maximise space and provide ample storage. Additionally, considering the addition of features like a Juliet balcony or roof terrace can enhance the room’s ambiance and provide an outdoor feel, further maximising the sense of space and light.

Can you provide guidance on the planning and construction process for a loft conversion bedroom?

Our process for planning and constructing a loft conversion bedroom is comprehensive and client-focused. It starts with a free, no-obligation consultation to understand your needs and assess your loft space. We then guide you through the design options, taking into account your preferences and the structural requirements of your home. Once the design is finalized, our skilled team undertakes the construction process, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. We maintain open communication throughout the project, keeping you informed and involved at every stage. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality loft conversion that meets your expectations and enhances your living space.

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