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Considering turning your loft into a home office? Since COVID-19, the way in which we work has changed hugely. More and more businesses are changing the way their staff carry out their roles, with numerous now working from home permanently. For those with an office already in their home, this was a much easier transition. For those without however, this may have been a struggle and now remote working is becoming a more permanent option for a great deal of us, creating a home office is becoming almost essential.

For the most part, the loft space is simply a place for storage, whether that’s winter clothes or those treasured items we feel we can’t part with. But what if you could promote your loft space from a glorified cupboard to a productive office space with relative ease and cost?

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Creating A Useable Office

By creating a loft office, you’re not only creating a dedicated workspace but you’re creating a space to work disturbance free while allowing the rest of your family to enjoy the rest of their home without the worry of being too loud. There are numerous design features to consider to ensure your loft office is the best it can be…

Use Those Awkward Spaces

There will always be awkward spaces in a loft, from the pitch of the roof to the structural support. With the right design however, you can maximise these awkward spaces by turning them into bookcases and shelving. Not only does it become useful but it can add incredible character to your office too.

Multi-Task Your Space

If you have the room in your new office space, it may be worth taking advantage and throwing a daybed in there too. Of course, this only works if you have the space available, however it can make rather large loft offices a little less empty and you’re essentially getting two rooms for the price of one.

Highlight Features

If you’re lucky enough to have beautiful beams and structural support, you could always incorporate these into your design, leaving beams exposed and simply highlighting the feature. Throw in a leather chair and industrial-style light features and you have a beautiful, cosy office space.

Maximise The Light

Light is just as important in an office as it is in a bedroom or playroom. Make sure you incorporate enough windows in your design to provide the light you need throughout your working day. The last thing anyone wants is to be trapped in a dark and dingy room during office hours.

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From additional kitchenettes in large open loft offices, to day beds, balconies and even larger additional tables for meetings; there are numerous ways you can make the most of your space – it’s simply a matter of finding out what’s achievable in your particular loft space. One of the best ways to do this is to take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation offer. During our consultation, we’ll take a look at your loft space to figure out what we have to play with and how we can create the ultimate loft conversion office to make working remotely a dream come true. With our design and construction team by your side, we can unlock the potential in your home and provide you with the ultimate space that works for you.

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