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When it comes to calculating the price of a loft conversion, and your decision to have one carried out or not, Clapham Construction have the experience to consider all of the important factors that will affect the price. There are some things you can do yourself, for example, you can find out if your loft is suitable for a loft conversion by checking the height of the loft from the floor to the ridge – this must be at least 2.1m or around 7 feet.

When it comes to questions about access there needs to be enough space to allow for both living space and a staircase wide enough to allow you to bring furniture through. Other considerations such as planning permission are also important when you’re thinking about a loft conversion. Does the loft conversion you desire require planning permission or simply building regulation approval? 

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A lot of the time it comes down to budget and whether you can afford it. Budget will always be an issue for almost any form of home renovation taking place. While  loft conversions can add up to 20% of your property’s current value, that doesn’t mean it will, and you will need to have the money to put into it upfront.

While you can approximate the figure your loft conversion may cost before speaking with us directly, we can give you a better idea of what to expect. The figures we produce in our complete quotes include costs such as VAT, legal costs and planning permission. Our experience allows us to accurately price all aspects of the loft conversion so that you won’t have to worry about unexpected increases. We can also consult you as to the most cost-effective loft conversion options so that you can maximise your space as economically as possible.

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As stated above, we will provide you with an accurate idea when it comes to your loft conversion. There are factors that can change, for example prices relating to finishes, such as tiles, bathroom suites or internal doors. We can assist with a rough idea based on the level of finish required on your loft conversion project. However you may wish to make amendments along the way.

Take advantage of our free consultation services. In our free, no-obligation consultations, you can have one of our team visit your home and look at every aspect of your loft conversion, from the access to the size. You’ll also be able to tell them the type of loft conversion you’re hoping for. From this, they’ll be able to tell you not only a rough cost you can expect to pay, including planning permission, VAT and any other aspects, but they’ll also be able to tell you exactly what’s possible in your home and how they can make it happen.

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