Flat Roofing - EPDM

Flat Roofing – EPDM

The flat roof of your loft will be clad in the material best suited to your house. The roof, although appearing flat, will be constructed with a slope away from the main house and to the edge of the dormer to allow rainwaters to flow away from the property into the new gutters and downpipes.

The Facia boards will be installed in white with the gutters and down-pipes in black, which will not rot, peel, flake or crack will also be fitted, making the outside totally maintenance free.

The roof will be covered in a Rubber Membrane (EPDM) with a 10-year warranty on the labour and a 20-year Warranty on the materials. This covering s very durable and long lasting with an estimated life expectancy of 50-years.

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