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Different Types of Loft Conversion

There are a range of different types of loft conversions. Depending on the type of property and existing loft configuration, different options are better suited to certain budgets. There are also certain types of conversion that are better suited to special requirements. It is also possible to choose a loft conversion that does not require any planning permission.

There are a few basic things to consider when thinking about a loft conversion. Minimum height requirements and staircase regulations are very important. Assuming the property has a suitable attic space and there is space for a staircase, then you can choose to maximise space with different structures. A Velux is a fairly straightforward loft conversion that works within the existing roof space. If you want to add additional space then a dormer conversion is a popular choice that works with many building types and can add considerable square footage to a small loft space.

You can find more information about all of the different types of loft conversion below. Clapham Construction is always happy to discuss your loft conversion and help you navigate the various considerations that go into a loft conversion. Talk to us for a free consultation and find out how to achieve your dream loft conversion.

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Skylight Conversion

A Skylight or ‘Velux’ loft conversion is one of the simplest conversion types to build. As the roof of the property is not altered  it is normally possible to avoid planning permission. A great way to increase space at lower cost.

Two Window Dormer

Often found on existing homes built 100 years ago and sometimes requested by the planning officers. This conversion provides a surprising amount of additional head room and can be a stylish way to add a loft conversion.

Dormer Conversion

This is one of the most popular types of loft conversion. It provides a large amount of additional space up to 60 Cubic metres and really good head height. It also gives additional design potential such as Juliet Balcony, floor to ceiling glass and roof lights.

Hip to Gable & Rear Dormer

As the title states, the side sloping roof has been raised , normally in brick, and allowed us the head height and structure to add a rear dormer.

Hip to Gable

This is a simple conversion as shown in the image as all we have done is change the side sloping roof and raised this side in brick, which turns a low roof, with low head height into a workable space for any combination of conversion.

L – Shaped Mansard

As with the L-Shape Dormer, the L-Shape Mansard will add a larger amount of space with multiple design options by using the roof of the rear addition. Planning permission is required for this type of work, but we can submit approval for Juliet Balconies and a terrace to really make this conversion special.

L-Shape Dormer

This type of loft conversion is built by joining two dormer builds together, utilising the rear addition. This results in a significantly larger space than other builds. This conversion gives options for more bedrooms in the new build, a terrace on the rear addition and spare rooms, studies or bathrooms.

Mansard Conversion

A mansard loft conversion alters the structure of a sloping roof to an angle of 72 degrees, given a unique shape as shown. Windows are fitted into the new roof almost like small window dormers. Like Dormers the Mansard conversion is usually erected to the rear of a property , but can be constructed as a front and rear mansard (double mansard) if permitted. This conversion provides a larger amount of space, effectively adding another floor to your home.

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