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Skylight loft conversions are also known as Velux conversions. These are perhaps the most cost-effective loft conversion out there, as it requires the simplest amount of construction.

For those lucky enough to already have enough space in their loft, Skylight loft conversions can provide a truly cost-effective way to build an extra room, and generally speaking (this isn’t the case for all) planning permission isn’t usually needed. 

It’s worth noting however, that due to the loft conversion merely consisting of making use of the space that you already have, without extending, these types of loft conversions can be more restricting. Nevertheless, they are far more affordable and usually take a mere matter of weeks to complete, which can be a huge bonus for some. 

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With the outside of your property not being altered, aside from a Velux style window, you can expect minimal construction.

Despite this, they still offer incredible benefits such as beautiful views, extra space that can often work out great as an office or playroom and they still add incredible value to your home.

Here at Clapham Construction Service, we’ve carried out multiple Skylight Loft Conversions throughout London and beyond. As loft conversion specialists, we can help you decide whether a skylight loft conversion would be the best choice for you. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0203 950 7957.

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What is a skylight (or Velux) loft conversion?

A skylight, or Velux, loft conversion involves adding windows into the existing slope of the roof without altering or expanding the existing space in any way. This type of conversion is named after the popular window manufacturer, Velux.

How much does a skylight (or Velux) loft conversion cost?

Skylight loft conversions are typically the most cost-effective type of loft conversion, as they require less structural work than other types. The cost can vary depending on the number and type of windows you choose, but typically you might expect to pay between £25,000 and up.

Do I need planning permission for a skylight (or Velux) loft conversion?

In most cases, skylight loft conversions fall under permitted development rights and do not require planning permission, as they do not significantly alter the profile of the roof. However, it’s always best to check with your local planning authority to be sure.

What types of windows can be used in a skylight (or Velux) loft conversion?

There are several types of windows that can be used in a skylight loft conversion. The most common are centre pivot windows, which rotate in the middle, and top-hung windows, which open from the top. There are also roof terrace windows, which can provide access to a roof terrace, and balcony system windows, which create a small balcony area. The best type of window for your conversion will depend on your specific needs and the structure of your roof.

How long does it take to complete a skylight (or Velux) loft conversion?

As skylight loft conversions require less structural work than other types of conversions, they can often be completed more quickly. The exact timeline will depend on the complexity of the project, but typically you might expect a skylight loft conversion to take around 4 weeks to complete.

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