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The Cost Of A Loft Conversion

It’s a question asked by thousands, ‘how much does a loft conversion cost?’ But it might as well be, ‘how long is a piece of string?’ The costs for loft conversions can vary greatly depending on the type of loft extension you opt for, along with what you do to said loft conversion. There are also other factors to consider from your location all the way down to the type of staircase for your loft conversion you decide to have installed. 

While an exact price may not be possible to ascertain without an in-depth consultation, we can give you a better idea of what’s possible by giving you some average prices for varying loft conversions to date. 

From the roof structure to the need for planning permission and more, please remember any average costs are exactly that, average and will of course be subject to change.

loft conversions in tooting, Partial Loft conversions
interior of loft conversion with ensuite

1) Velux Loft Conversion – otherwise known as ‘room in a roof’ loft conversion, the Velux loft conversion. This is most likely the cheapest and quickest way to convert your loft however it’s worth noting that while it does save on cost, time and of course disruption, it’s only possible to do so if you already have enough space in your loft to play with. It usually consists of adding insulation, a staircase, skylights, electrics, lighting, heating and any fire safety measure.

Loft conversion with bi-folding doors

2) Dormer Loft Conversion – dormer loft conversions are one of the most popular out there. They’re an incredibly versatile choice, allowing you to extend either at the back or side of your property (planning permission permitting). They add on a great amount of space inside too however once again, will vary on cost depending on how many dormers you add. Prices vary depending on the size and/or house they are being built on, please contact us for a quote.

3) Hip To Gable Loft Conversion – this is a super popular option and involves converting the sloped side of the roof, otherwise known as the ‘hip’, into a flat edge in order to provide additional space inside of the loft. Again hip to gable loft conversion prices will vary depending on what else you have done inside it would be best to contact us for a quote.

loft conversion - building regulations

4) Mansard Loft ConversionsMansards and L-shape Mansards are amongst the most expensive type of loft conversion, but do add great value to your property.

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If you’d like more help and information on loft extensions, or would like to book in a free consultation with our team, contact Clapham Construction Service on 0203 950 7957 or email us via [email protected]. We also offer a design and planning service to help you achieve the amazing loft conversion you want. Our team will be only too happy to take a look at your loft space, discuss your desired outcome and give you an estimate of the cost to achieve your dream loft conversion. 

As London’s leading loft conversion specialists, we’ll guide you throughout the entire process to ensure you know what’s happening and when. We ensure transparency throughout, especially regarding price and will always respect your budget from the very beginning.